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UN ECE R100 Testing

UN ECE R100 Testing

ECE R100 is a major European requirement for the approval of road electric vehicles. The regulation outlines all safety tests that must be performed on Li-ion batteries for road vehicles of categories M and N with electric power train. For Electric Vehicles UNECE R100 is key requirement for making batteries and vehicles street-legal and is required for European Whole Vehicle Type Approval according to Regulation (EU) 2018/858 framework.


UNECE R100 regulation is also instrumental in global effort to harmonize regulations for motor vehicle and Li-ion battery safety.

EWVTA is ISO 17025:2018 Accredited to perform In-House UN ECE R100 Testing:

  • Annex 8A Vibration 7-50Hz / <10 m/s2 / 3 hours

  • Annex 8B Thermal shock & cycling -40 C /+60 C for 2.5days

  • Annex 8C Mechanical shock <28g <120ms

  • Annex 8D Mechanical integrity 100kN

  • Annex 8E Fire resistance

  • Annex 8F External short circuit protection

  • Annex 8G Overcharge protection

  • Annex 8H Over-discharge protection

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